Friday, April 11, 2008

April Shower of Photos :: Day 11

I'm so excited!!! I am learning so much about my new camera during the April Shower of Photos!!

Today I realized the difference shutting the flash off can make. I also figured out how to use the macro feature on this camera. I'm still not sure how/or if my rebel has that feature?

Anyhow, check out these pictures.

I do like this picture, but you'd never know that it was taken at 2 in the afternoon. It was taken using the regular indoor setting with automatic flash (which went off).

For this picture I used the same setting, and shut the flash off. That made such a huge difference with the lighting.

Then, for this last picture I used the indoor setting with no flash and set the camera to micro. That made the picture a bit more clear, in addition to softening the background.

It is amazing the difference that the settings can make! Isn't it?

(Other than my relatives... I hope you aren't all getting sick of seeing pictures of my children... They are my favorite "things" to photograph!)


  1. I never get sick of your pictures!! I love sleeping babies pictures!!!

    I like the first picture best. Amazing difference!

    I'm proud of you for learning so much, on your own!

  2. I adore pictures!! I have to admit my favorite blogs are covered in them!

  3. I love them too~~~he looks like a little angel when he sleeps....but when he is awake.....jk! he always lookslike one!! Nice photogrphy skills....tell me about it setting makes all the difference! I like the last one the best!

  4. I love photography. And, it's SO fun to learn new ways to make the pictures of your loved ones great. Too bad it's almost impossible to capture their complete essence on film. But, I keep on trying!


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