Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Shower of Photos :: Day 1

Inspired by Jennifer at S/V Mari Hal-O-Jen, I'm going to play with my camera... Not that I ever need any extra encouragement to play with my camera! ;) You all know how much I love taking pictures, and that I can hardly create a post without adding one, or ten!

Some of the other bloggers that are joining in the April Shower of Photos challenge have chosen themes. I am not that organized going to focus on any one thing in particular, just my life. This should be a lot of fun. Won't you join us?

Before I begin... I'll tell you a bit about my camera. It is a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi. I bought it after I broke the lens for my 35mm Rebel. This happened on Twinkle Toes 2nd birthday, right before she blew out her candles, no less! Actually, I also have a new Canon PowerShot A580 that I just purchased with our Costco Rebate. I love it, especially since I can carry it around me in my purse. I don't know how to work all the features on either camera, so it will be fun playing around with them this month!

Since I am actually a day late starting, you are going to get two posts tonight.

I didn't know I would be participating in this, so I have very few pictures that were taken yesterday to choose from. Here are my favorites:

Now, about these pictures... All I can say is, THANK YOU Christine!!!!


  1. I hardly ever do dishes these days. Usually Parker put away the dishes he can and sets the others on the counter (I do lift them up into the cupboard for him). Lowden loads the dishes. It's really nice!

  2. You're welcome! The photos are great! My husband's camera is a Digital Rebel (not sure which model). It was our camera, until he saw how I was using it and heard me talking about taking it to the beach. He promptly got me a Canon Powershot Digital Elph. It's a good camera, not as powerful as the Rebel, but it fits nicely in my diaper bag and I can take it everywhere (the beach included).

  3. Captain was so excited to be able to do the dishes. He has been asking for awhile to help with them! We don't have a dishwasher so the dishes around here can get overwhelming!

    That's funny Christine! I LOVE the Rebel, they are such great cameras! Hubby is excited about the new (PowerShot) camera, since it is more portable. :) In fact, he took it to work with him today, and told me that I don't need it since I already have a camera... I guess we'll be sharing it! :)

  4. I rarely if ever do the dishes! I mae them all trade off. One washes, on dries. I usually make Jane dry, sicne she is good at that job and Either Emma or Anne wash.
    In fact, they really do most of the cleaning around here. I just come through and finish it up, things they don't see. Though I prefer to be the one to vacuum and mop.
    Tony can't wait for Thorn to be able to chop wood, lol.

  5. Sorry for the spelling, I was typing too fast, lol.


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