Wednesday, March 26, 2008


...or rather, Whew!!

I was really dreading this weeks Weight on Wednesday check in. However, I am relived to say, "I have nothing to report!"

Yep... Even after all that Easter candy, desserts and Easter Salad, a couple heavenly mochas, all the chocolate my dear children keep sharing with me, Hubby's birthday cake, that delicious HUGE burger with sweet potato fries I had when Hubby & I went out to dinner Monday night, and the yummy Crunchwrap I had for dinner last night, I didn't gain anything!!!

The bad thing is I didn't lose anything either, and my measurements are exactly the same, buy hey, I'll take it!

I had just better straighten up my food choices this week! To see every one else's Week 4 results click here.

Happy Easter Wednesday!


  1. I like this. I am starting today, or I guess next week. My biggest struggle is finding time to exercise. I am NOT a morning person, so I need to become one! It does help to be light out later now, I can walk when DH gets home.

    I have to lose 30 before getting pregnant again. (although, I would love to lose 50) I have been diabetic since age 10 and with each pregnancy automatically gain 60 lbs.

    I think you look beautiful!

  2. you know exercising your fingers might help :}

  3. That si great Jessica! Don't worry, holidays are never the time to try and loose weight.

  4. And Jaime, I KNOW she is beautiful, inside and out! :)

  5. Great Jamie!! The more of us the better! We can keep each other motivated :)

    It can be so hard to lose the weight gained from pregnancy! This last pregnancy I got up to my biggest weight ever, and outweighed my hubby by almost 30 pounds! Aargghh! My brother came over one night when I was full term and all he could say was "Woah!" when he saw me! :)

    Anyhow, as of last week, I am now weighing my pre-Snuggles weight which is finally less than hubby once again! :) (We are about the same height.)

    I would love to lose another 20 pounds... However, I would be happy with even another 15! We'll see!

    Oh, and thank you for the complement! You too Amy! You are both beautiful as well!

    And Anonymous... I am exercising my fingers... Just not with Quickbooks open... I will get on that bookkeeping soon! ;)


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