Saturday, March 29, 2008

On Lap Books

I recently posted about the Butterfly Lapbook Twinkle Toes made. In addition to leaving a great Butterfly finger play/song in the comments, Jamie asked, "Do you buy the folder like that, or do you cut paper and fold it?" So, I thought I would take this opportunity to share a little about Lapbooking with you all. I know some of you are old pros at this, and Lapbooking is new to us, but I thought I would share a little bit of what I have found helpful.

When we made our first lap book, I too wasn't sure if I had to go and purchase a special folder. The frugal momma in me was very excited to find that all I needed was a file folder, and I had a whole CASE of those from Costco!! Yeah!!

Here is a basic tutorial on how to make/fold a file folder to become a Lapbook:

For our Butterfly Lapbook, we used the basic layout with a yellow file folder--yes, I couldn't help buying a pack of various color folders!--and added an extension.

We now have a great book called The Ultimate Lap Book Handbook that illustrates all the various types of Layouts, Extensions and Assembly, in addition to directions on how to make a number of various mini-books and ideas for Lapbook themes. (We are hoping to make the "Ten Commandment" lap book soon!) However, if you scroll to the bottom of this pdf file you can see an illustration of how to add on the small extension that we used. It says to use cardstock, but since I didn't have any yellow cardstock, we trimmed a piece of yellow construction paper and attached it with clear packing tape, and this worked just fine.

Now, if you need to make your Lapbook really roomy, you can use two file folders and make a Double Lapbook:

We used a Double Lapbook when the boys made their Grinch Lapbooks. OH! There is quite a few more quick lessons on youtube too!

In addition, here are a few of the resources that I have found helpful:
  • Lapbooking on Squidoo -This site is packed with info and pictures!
  • Notebooking Pages - Lots of free resources including notebooking pages and lapbooking templates.
  • CurrClick - Each week they offer a free product for download--This is where we got our Grinch Lapbook.
  • Hands Of A Child - This site offers a free download each quarter-- This is where we got Turkey Time.
  • The Home School Mom: Lap books - This has pictures of student lap books.
  • Homeschool Share - Lots of Free Lapbooks -- including quite a few based on FIAR books.
  • Homeschool Share - TONS of printable mini book templates for inside your lapbook.
  • Homeschool Helper - This has even more lapbook designs--I got some of the ideas for the Butterfly lapbook here-- as well as lots of printable lapbook templates!
  • And, I must mention Meredith! She is full of ideas, and I just love Matthias's 1st Communion Notebook (slightly different than a lapbook). Captain has begun one like it in preparation for his First Communion.
Anyhow, what it comes down to is that there is just SO many links, and SO little time!!

If anyone has any favorite resources they like to share, go ahead and leave them! I'm always on the lookout for more ideas!


  1. oh, you are the best for shraing!
    I have never made a lap book so I was a bit worried about trying it. I feel much better now thay you have shown us more, thanks!!

  2. Great! I will be back when I have time to write this all down!

    Thank you so much!

  3. Your very welcome! I hope you find it a bit helpful... Lap Books are such fun!

  4. Oh, my goodness, I looked in my files and found enough butterfly/caterpillar stuff to keep you going 2 weeks!

    I used to run a Catholic daycare in our home and subscribed to Mailbox Magazine for 5 or 6 years, so I looked in all the April/May books.

    If you have a PO box I could mail copies to you, let me know in an email.

    Otherwise, here's a couple snacks:

    Cinnamon Caterpillar: kid friendly
    1/4 of a large unbaked cinnamon roll (canned, refrigerated dough) per child.
    frosting (from the cinn roll can)
    green food coloring
    2 two-inch pieces of red string licorice per child.
    2 m&m mini baking bits per child.

    Tint the frosting green.
    Twist each piece in shape of caterpillar.
    Bake according to directions on can
    Frost and put licorice for antennas and m&m's for eyes!

    Check out for "Beautiful Butterfly Cake" We made this a couple years ago except we used chocolate cake, and ho-ho's for the body of the butterfly. We also made Easy Cool Whip frosting (1 cup milk, 1 pkg vanilla pudding, 1 8 oz container cool-whip)We tinted the frosting pink and then decorated it with pastel sprinkles instead of fruity pebbles.

    Keebler sells a cinnamon snack cracker called "Bug Bites" they have butterflies and caterpillar shape crackers in the bunch of bugs!

    One more song: Because it's so cute and sung to the tune of "This Little Light of Mine"

    This little butterfly,
    I'm gonna let it fly.
    This little butterfly,
    I'm gonna let it fly.
    This little ladybug,
    I'm gonna let it fly.
    Let it fly, let it fly, let it fly.

    Sorry so long, I guess I should have emailed you!
    I'll stop, can you tell I'm excited to do this too? Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Oops, "ladybug" is not supposed to be in that song. You can switch the bugs though depending on the theme.

  6. Thank you so much Jamie!! We will have to try out those snacks. They sound so cute!

  7. Well there you go again mentioning moi! Thank you so much for ALL these great links and mine too, you're a dear!


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