Monday, March 17, 2008

In honor of:

"St. Patrick was captured by some bad people. Then he was a shepherd for six years. Then escaped, but then the sailors said, "no, we won;t take you." But when the dogs wouldn't stop barking the captain said, "Oh, all right." So Patrick went back home. Then he had a dream and heard "come among us again, please Patrick! please Patrick!" So he went back to Ireland to teach about Jesus. St. Patrick was also a bishop." ~ Captain

"St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. He told people about God, by using the shamrock to tell them about the Blessed Trinity. He made all the snakes go into the ocean. I like St. Patrick because I'm Irish! (big grin!) " ~ Rascal

"I wike St. Patrick, and even I wike you! Momma, can I please do Spelling Time, cause I know what the letters are!" ~ Twinkle Toes

"This is mines. It's St. Patrick. See the snakes, momma. I don't like snakes." ~ Chiquita


  1. thanks for the info jess,ill share it with my employee B

  2. Would you be willing to share the source for the St. Patrick mosaic coloring page? Thanks for your blog!

  3. Of course! The page comes from Fenestrae Fidei: A Coloring Companion for Catholic Mosaic, which is sold by Hillside Education.

    One of the things I *love* about this coloring book (in addition to the beautiful pictures), is that the copyright allows for making copies to use with your family!!


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