Saturday, March 15, 2008


You all are totally amazing!! Just look at that basket!! From day one you have exceeded all my expectations with your generosity to the Easter Hope Challenge for the Hadley's! I have received so many donations, ranging from small to large. Many of you have left donations with out even leaving a comment (I added you to the raffle just the same) and yet others have even donated their chance at winning the basket to the Hadley's as well! Every single dollar makes a difference, and right now we currently have $1735.00 to give to the Hadley's!!! Isn't that just Egg-cellent!!!! :)

I want to take a second and thank all the other bloggers that have help me spread the word, including: Danielle Bean, Amy at Knit Together in Love, Regina, Christine at Memories of a Catholic Wife and Mother, Sarah at My Three Little Monkeys, Christy at The Happy Hunting Ground, One Came Back, Laura the Crazy Mama, and The Philosopher Mom, to name a few.

We must be storming heaven with prayers for these sweet children!!!!

Well, there is still a few days left to claim a chance at winning your choice of a few cool baskets! Wouldn't it be great if we could come up with another $265.00, and hit the TWO THOUSAND DOLLAR mark? I think we can do it!! Just think, it would only take 26.5 of us donating $10, or better yet, only 11 of us donating $25 each! So, if you haven't yet, and can possibly spare even just a few dollars, please click that donate button and join in the Easter Hope Challenge.

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