Monday, January 28, 2008

I've always wanted to go to Boston...

It seems like everyone has been doing this little quiz, so I thought I would join in...

You Are Boston

Both modern and old school, you never forget your roots.
Well educated and a little snobby, you demand the best.
And quite frankly, you think you are the best.

Famous people from the Boston area: Conan O'Brien, Ben Affleck, New Kids on the Block

I always find it interesting what these little quizzes say... I sure hope that I'm not snobby... And I wonder what it is that makes them always say "I think I have/am the best?" I hate that!


  1. I took this quiz and I'm New york!!!!!!! Probably my favorite big city.

  2. My hubby and I took the quiz - he was Miami (???) and I was Boston. I guess it fit a few aspects of each of us, but overall...not so much!

    They're usually fun though!


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