Saturday, December 1, 2007

Video of our All Saints Party

The following is a tribute to the little saints in training. The "All Saints Party" is an alternative to Halloween. It's fun for the kids and teaches them the faith.

This video was just posted on Love to Be Catholic by a friend of ours who filmed our All Saints Party last year (2006) and put together a DVD of the evening. This video was the introduction for that DVD. The DVD turned out wonderful, and my kids all LOVE watching it!

All the kids looked wonderful, but I have to admit, Chiquita looked especially darling dressed as Our Lady of Guadalupe!

You can check out my past posts on our All Saints Parties here.


  1. Yes Chiquita looked darling but that St. Therese outfit appears to be spot on! Wonder who that it? :)
    Oh, Sugar wants to know why you changed Peanuts and Captains names.

  2. Yes... If I wasn't so biased, I would have a hard time choosing between Chiquita and Sugar's costumes :) ALL the costumes were so great!

    Also... Keep meaning to post about changing Peanuts name to Snuggles--but still was trying to make sure I wanted to... Was also thinking Snuggler or something else. Someone here really didn't like Peanut. And Captain sounds kinda funny... Still thinking... Maybe I'll do a poll on it!


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