Friday, November 16, 2007

Our Favorite Advent Calendar

Since some of my thoughts this week have been geared towards Advent preparations, I thought I would do a quick post on Advent Calendars...

Over the years I have tried to have an Advent Calendar for each child. However, as the years go on, and more children arrive, this is getting harder and harder to keep up with. :)

In all my searching for various Advent Calendars, there is one I found back when our oldest was a baby that we all LOVE! I thought I would share it with you now, in case any of you are on the hunt for one this year. It is by far our favorite. It has 24 cubicles which each contain a magnetic character for the children to get out and add to the metal Nativity Scene. It is very pretty and the children just love moving around the different figures of the nativity.

I purchased ours from Catholic Child. It is also currently available at Amazon: Kurt Adler Wooden Nativity Advent Calendar with 24 Magnetic Figures

The only thing I don't like about it, and this goes for any pre-made Advent Calendar, is that it is not an accurate countdown of Advent. Advent Calendars should begin on the first Sunday of Advent and end on Christmas Eve. Every year this date changes and can be as early as November 27 or as late as December 3. I really wish that they would make this Advent Calendar with extra cubicles to be modified as needed each year, instead of pre-numbered slots. Wouldn't that be perfect?


  1. I LOVE these pictures of the girls. They look so pretty. And I like the new picture of you and hubby at the top!

  2. I just saw this in the Catholic Child Catalog I got! That catalog was filled with so many neat things!!

  3. Yes! That is where I ordered mine through! I just love their catalog.. I really want to order the girls the little "faith filled friends" dolls sometime. I especially love the St. Therese and Mother Teresa. They are so cute!


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