Sunday, November 18, 2007

I couldn't help smiling...

...and then running for my camera Friday afternoon when I walked into my bedroom and saw this precious scene.

I had been trying to get ready to go and put on a "Cookie Lee; Pampered Chef; Discovery Toy; Usborne Book" Open house for a friend of mine. I only do this once or maybe twice a year now to earn extra money for Christmas... However, this year I was extremely overwhelmed, and unorganized! I asked Captain to go and try and make Peanut happy while I started loading the car. Peanut stopped crying and twenty minutes later it sunk in... "OH my goodness! He hasn't started crying again??? I better go check and make sure he's ok!"

I walked in and saw Captain READING to Peanut!!!

I haven't blogged about this before, but teaching Captain to read has been one of my greatest challenges. I had decided to give it the rest of this school year before looking for outside help.

Captain was a late talker. Even a couple years ago, at age 5, it was still difficult for others to understand him. He was very physical though, and walked at 9 months! Being our oldest, I didn't think much of it till our doctor was concerned. I figured that all kids develop differently and in different areas first, plus Captain is very shy. However, after our doctor was concerned, I looked into everything that I could do to help. A dear friend of ours, who has been teaching swimming for over 50 years, suggested we put him in a private swimming lesson. This session of swimming lessons completely changed him. Within a month he was speaking clearly and was not nearly as shy as he had previously been. It seemed to really boost his confidence in himself.

It has still been very difficult to teach him to read. He tends to get discouraged easily. I tried so very many different reading programs trying to find one that would work for us. It seemed the more we tried, the less he wanted to learn. He knew all his sounds, but putting them together was so frustrating for him.

About this time, I decided to switch programs again. A friend recommended an excellent book called Alpha Phonics. In no time he was able to read short sentences. This past month we have finally been working on long vowels and seeing some real progress. However, Captain would never pick up a book and read on his own without being prompted.

This year I decided to use a more Charlotte Mason style approach, at least with a few subjects. All the wonderful "living books" we have been reading this year have helped my son regain the love of books that he had been losing.

And so... Walking into my bedroom and seeing him READ to Peanut, from a book he had not read before, almost made me start crying! And Peanut was LOVING it!

Since Friday, he has almost read the whole reader! He is so excited, and so is his proud momma!


  1. How sweet these pictures are so wonderful. Its always nice to see older siblings reading to younger siblings. I'm so glad that he has started reading more.

  2. I can relate! So many things as a mom aren't don't yield instant results. You have to try and try again to teach them so many "life" skills. And when that day comes when they finally get it! You cannot help but feel joy! My favorite book on reading is the REad Aloud Handbook. Basically, Jim Trelease talks about how children who are read to, not only love books, but also will have a higher vocabulary...because they can listen to books on a higher level than they can read themselves. Anyway, it's good stuff. You are a great mom! Keep it up!

  3. So great, and SUPER cute!! Makes your heart just melt!

  4. Wonderful! They look so precious!


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