Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Chapel Veil

Reading Amy's post, as well as the post she linked to, were so very timely for me today.

It has become increasingly difficult the last few months to wear my mantilla to Mass and take care of my dear little nursing baby at the same time. Yet, I have really grown to love wearing my mantilla and feel that it helps me stay so much more focused during Mass. Anyways, I have definitely been needing a bit of encouragement.

I ran across this article, which has been derived from a book in progress called The Unveiled Woman. I found it very helpful, and thought I would share it. I look forward to reading the book once it is published! In the meantime, I think I will re-read The Chapel Veil.

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  1. You know, doing the right thing is not always easy!! Especially in our culture. I am hoping tomorrow to have the courage to once again wear my mantilla. I think a good talk with hubby will help too.


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